About us


NEXGEL advanced hydrogel solutions is your skin friendly patch company! Our ultra-gentle, high-water content hydrogels are an excellent transdermal drug delivery system for a broad range of OTC and Cosmetic ingredients. Our hydrogels are gentler than most because we don’t use chemical cross-linking agents or chemical adhesives to deliver our ingredients. Instead, we use a unique electron-beam cross linking process to create the bond. By using NEXGEL you can rest assured that you have one of the gentlest transdermal delivery systems on the market.


Whether you're a Fortune 500 organization needing a gentler drug delivery system, or an enterpreneurial startup in the cosmetics industry, consider NEXGEL for your next great product or line extension.


Based in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, we’ve been developing and manufacturing electron-beam cross-linked hydrogels for twenty-three years. Our team has formulated over 200 different combinations to bring some of the best OTC, cosmetic, and natural ingredients to the skin in a gentle patch that can be worn for long periods of time with little to no irritation.

Meet the team

  • Adam Levy


    34 years of expertise in capital markets, consumer products, marketing, television/radio advertising and direct to consumer sales. Led the successful turn-around of several financially distressed music companies as CEO of Warlock Records.


    Sr. Chemist & Manufacturing Supervisor


  • Gregory J.Robb

    VP, Operations

    Greg has of 30 years in the electron beam processing industry backing him. He has spent the last 23 years producing electron beam cross-linked hydrogels. Mr. Robb designed the layout, coordinated, and supervised the construction of the NEXGEL facility.

Our facilities

Our 16,500 square foot cGMP manufacturing facility, R&D center and converting operations allow us to develop and manufacture unique hydrogels to meet your specific needs while maintaining tight tolerances and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Jerome Zeldis Chair

Dr. Jerome B. Zeldis was Chief Medical Officer and President of Clinical Research, Regulatory, and Safety at Sorrento Therapeutics. He was Chief Executive Officer of Celgene Global Health and Chief Medical Officer of Celgene Corporation. Prior to that he was Celgene’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Research and Medical Affairs and had been at Celgene since February, 1997 before joining Sorrento. He attended Brown University for an A.B., M.S., followed by Yale University for an M.Phil., M.D., Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry (immunochemistry). Dr. Zeldis trained in Internal Medicine at the UCLA Center for the Health Sciences and Gastroenterology at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. . He has been a board member of several start-up biotechnology companies and is currently on the board of the PTC Corporation (PTCT), Soligenix, Trek Therapeutics and Bionor Pharma. He has published 122 peer reviewed articles and created 43 US patents.

Dr. Andy Alexander

Dr. Alexander has over 25 years of drug, biotech, and medical device development experience in industrial and academic institutions. Dr. Alexander’s focus has been on the development, testing and commercialization of life science products. Dr. Alexander brings a wealth of business expertise in areas such as technical operations, identifying commercialization opportunities for new technologies, FDA and EPA regulatory compliance.

Sarah Dakar

Sarah Dakar has over a decade of experience creating and marketing some of the world’s top luxury skincare products, used by many of the world’s leading tastemakers. Ms. Dakar will bring her passion, vision and commitment to excellence to a completely new line of innovative skincare products with leading edge ingredients, formulations, and delivery systems. As a Certified CBD and Phytocannabinoid expert, she has utilized the power of CBD, CBG, CBD and CBN in proprietary, high performance formulations, from acne to anti-aging, as well as pain and palliative care.

Dr. Stephen Brigido

Dr. Brigido is an accomplished surgeon and entrepreneur with seventeen years of experience in foot and ankle surgery, regenerative medicine, and product development. In his role as a foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Brigido has served as Chief of the Foot and Ankle Section at Coordinated Health for ten years, and has been the Director of the prestigious Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Fellowship for 9 years; with each of his fellows moving on to some of the most revered institutions in the country. In 2013, Dr. Brigido was named Professor of Surgery at the Geisinger Commonwealth Medical College and has over 100 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters in his name. He’s been featured on numerous media outlets for his research in biomaterials and regenerative scaffolds as well as Total Ankle replacement surgery. In 2019, Dr. Brigido was named President of the Functional Regeneration Division at Celularity, a multi-platform cell therapy company in Warren NJ.

In addition to his role at Celularity; Dr. Brigido serves on the Board of Directors of Plazmology4, is a managing partner and founder at Venel Holdings LLC, and partner in BBHP Medical LLC, a healthcare incubator company. Dr. Brigido has commercialized over 40 orthopedic implants and biomaterials and has numerous patents in the field of orthopedics and regenerative medicine. He received his Bachelor of Science from Randolph-Macon College and his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from Temple University.