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Our company

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NEXGEL, Inc. is an FDA registered and ISO certified facility, and our hydrogel platform technology can be manufactured with or without active ingredients. Whether our gentle patch is used for OTC medications, wound healing and care, or cosmetics and commercial product applications, we pride ourselves in our flexibility, versatility and superior consumer experience.

Our products

  • Our Hydrogels are uniquely suited to deliver active ingredients while providing extraordinary skin hydration. Paraben and latex free.

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  • Soothing, comforting and moisturizing, these products address a wide variety of podiatry issues such as hot spots, blisters, and cracked dry feet.

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  • Hospital proven, our trans-dermal delivery system can safely and gently deliver a wide variety of OTC and natural compounds.

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  • Deliver your proprietary ingredients in a new way. Gentle enough for the most sensitive and fragile skin.

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Our facilities

Our 16,500 square foot cGMP manufacturing facility, R&D center and converting operations allow us to develop and manufacture unique hydrogels to meet your specific needs while maintaining tight tolerances and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Our gels

  • arctic5

    Arctic5 is our highest water content, lowest adhesion hydrogel, consisting of a whopping 94.5% water. This “sheet of water” is a fantastic hydration vehicle, all while being very cooling, soothing, and gentle to the skin. Arctic5 is ideal for burns, blisters, callouses, scars, first aid and wound care.

  • Arctic10 is a wonderful balance of high-water content, 90% water, with moderate levels of adhesion. Arctic10 is a versatile transdermal delivery system, while remaining ultra-gentle and low irritation, all of which makes it an extremely skin-friendly product. Arctic10 is ideal for facemasks, under-eye, pain relief, first aid and wound care.

  • synapse

    Synapse is our most versatile hydrogel and can handle a wide variety of ingredients. Synapse uses only 55% water and is our most adherent patch product. This workhorse patch is ultra-gentle but can still be worn for long durations and can be repositioned multiple times. Synapse is ideal for pain relief, beauty, acne treatments, CBD, arnica, and a host of other unique ingredients.