NEXGEL Announces the Launch of New MEDAGEL Migraine Relief Patch

MEDAGEL Migraine Relief Patch Uses Hydrogel Technology to Provide Instant Cooling Relief From Migraines, Hormonal Headaches and Fevers –

LANGHORNE, Pa. – November 4, 2021 NEXGEL, Inc. (“NEXGEL” or the “Company”), a leading provider of ultra-gentle, high-water-content hydrogel products for healthcare and consumer applications, today announced the launch of its MEDAGEL Migraine Relief Patch. Using NEXGEL’s unique hydrogel technology, the patches pull heat away from the body, providing instant and long-lasting cooling relief from migraines, hormonal headaches and fevers.

The MEDAGEL Migraine Relief Patch is developed with non-toxic, medicine-free ingredients and has a unique delivery system that is self-adhesive and repositionable even after it is applied to the skin. NEXGEL’s differentiated patch delivers instant relief to consumers suffering from a range of ailments and offers never-before-seen comfort for hours.

 “Millions of people worldwide suffer from painful and debilitating migraines. Our goal is to bring to market a comfortable and effective drug-free product that will provide instant relief and is safe to use while taking medications,” said Adam Levy, Chief Executive Officer of NEXGEL. “The launch of our MEDAGEL Migraine Relief Patch signifies another opportunity to bring proven medical-grade technology to over-the-counter applications in an effort to improve the health and lives of consumers in need. Moreover, this launch represents an important innovation within our MEDAGEL portfolio and is only the beginning in our long-term mission to address the shortfalls of current consumer health and beauty products.”

 The MEDAGEL Migraine Relief Patches are also suitable for a number of other applications, including toothaches, heat stroke, muscular pain, driving fatigue, hot flashes from radiation treatment and more.

The patches are available for purchase on

NEXGEL is a leading provider of ultra-gentle, high-water-content hydrogels for healthcare and consumer applications. Based in Langhorne, Pa., the Company has developed and manufactured electron-beam, cross-linked hydrogels for over two decades. Alongside its strategic partners, NEXGEL has formulated more than 200 different combinations to bring natural ingredients to gentle skin patches that can be worn for long periods of time with little to no irritation.

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