Investor relations


Thank you for your interest in NEXGEL! Whether you are an existing shareholder or interested in joining our journey, we invite you to be a part of our mission to bring superior products to the customers that we serve every day. From thermoregulation and pain relief, to beauty treatments, NEXGEL’s unique hydrogels are some of the gentlest on the market.

We have continuously served leading companies in the healthcare and medical device markets for 23 years. One of only three electron-beam hydrogel facilities in the United States, NEXGEL’s Langhorne facility is one of the most trusted in the space. Using NEXGEL’s unique technology, large and small companies alike can confidently build their products and deliver great value.

We have a strong track record of innovation and continuous service to the healthcare markets. It’s only getting better from here as we broaden our services and expand into new markets and consumer segments.